List Building Profit Kit



What if I told you that making money online is really not all that different from making sales in the brick and mortar world? That’s right. The rules of online selling haven’t revolutionized how people sell. There’s nothing new.

Indeed, the bad news is, if you’re having a tough time selling stuff online, it’s precisely because the rules of selling hasn’t changed. You still have to work with these principles, or else you’ll continue to struggle or continue to fail.

The good news? These can be easily adapted to the internet.

It’s important to understand what these principles are and their online adaptations, so you can take full advantage of online traffic. Using these classic principles, online income success can be boiled down to six basic truths.

If you want to make money with a mailing list and enjoy financial freedom, you have to wrap your mind around these six basic truths. Make no mistake about it, your budding online income empire depends on it. It must address these six basic truths and the principles they contain.

Truth #1: Create demand out of existing demand

What if I told you that the cheapest source of new business does not involve printing out ads, putting together a Facebook campaign, or spending money on Google Adwords? Instead, the cheapest source of clients for your business are your existing customers. Whether they have bought from you in the past or they’re just members of your list, they are the cheapest source of new business.

Truth #2: Credibility and authority builds trust that ensures sales

When was the last time you bought something from somebody that you did not know? I would venture to guess that your answer would be never. Put in another way, when was the last time you bought something from somebody you did not trust? Again, I would bet that your answer would be never.
That’s how most normal people think. They don’t buy from people they don’t know. They don’t buy anything worth of value from people they simply do not trust.